Vocabulary Training Farabrew

"Farabrew" is a collection of programs for Windows, Linux and Android, designed to learn languages written in Arabic und Hebrew letters - languages written right to left. This is what the abbreviation "Farsi / Arabic / Hebrew" stands for. The Android Version supports other languages and keyboard layouts as well.

Farabrew is mainly a Vocabulary Trainer: words to learn are marked by and will be presented to the user. Correct answers are counted; mistranslations will lead to the word being asked again. Farabrew is also usable as a dictionary. Voice output is not implemented.

The user may enter a word database or expand the existing database. Currently, about 6500 Hebrew entries and their English and German translations are available.

Only for Android a Softkeyboard is available. The keyboard currently supports English, German, French, Russian and Hebrew.

For the PC Versions and dictionaries the "GNU Public License" (GPL) applies, i.e. they may be freely used, modified and passed on to other users. The author does not accept any responsibility for the correctness of the program code or the dictionaries or their usability for a specific purpose.

The Android Version is not available as source code. It is available on Google Play.

EMail to the author: mail@farabrew.de