Farabrew supports the creation and administration of several dictionaries with different foreign and user languages. As a foreign language currently only Hebrew is available; in the future, both Arabic and Farsi should be available as well. As a user language English, German, French and Russian are available.

Dictionaries can get downloaded from this website and be extended by the user. A modified dictionary can later get updated by a new version available for download without loss of new words or learn counters.

Dictionaries contain entries in one "foreign language" (e.g. Hebrew) and one or more "user languages". Currently the standard dictionary for Hebrew contain English as well as German translations.

Currently a Hebrew / English, German dictionary with over 5500 entries is available. It should get downloaded at the first use of Farabrew. An active internet connection is required for download.

New dictionaires:

Download of dictionaries

CAUTION: automatic update is a relatively new feature. To avoid loss of data (words entred by the user and learn counters) you should create a backup of your files! Your dictionaries are located in the directory where Farabrew was installed. File names end on ".dic".

Download from different websites

Instead of this website you can also enter a different address at "Source:". The indicated directory must contain a list of dictionaries available and the dictionaries themselves.

If you want to publish dictionaries on your own website, copy the file http://www.farabrew.de/data/dicts.dic and adjust the entries accordingly. dicts.dic and the dictionary files must be placed in the same directory.